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Arts and cultural funding boost for Flinders Shire

Flinders Shire Council is excited to announce it has again collaborated with the Queensland Government to provide a significant arts and culture funding boost from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).


In 2023-24, the RADF will see the Palaszczuk Government’s $34,808 contribution boosted by Flinders Shire Council to reach a combined investment of $44,808.


This allocation will be specifically utilised to bolster key community-focused projects that emphasise the growth and development of the Flinders Shire region.


These include Community Grant Rounds, and Council-led projects to celebrate the second running of the Hughenden Festival of Outback Skies in May 2024.


Flinders Shire Mayor Jane McNamara said Council had has strategically designed these projects to benefit the local community.


“This funding will prioritise the strengthening of community action, promotion of regional growth, support for artistic and cultural initiatives, improvement of mental health outcomes, and investment in skills development within the Flinders Shire community,” she said.


"The funding boost from RADF is a significant step towards nurturing our local arts and culture.


“It reflects our commitment to strengthening community bonds and fostering a vibrant and creative environment within Flinders Shire."


The Community Grant Rounds will enable community organisations and individuals to apply for projects that contribute to the flourishing of the Flinders Shire.


These initiatives have been carefully crafted through engagement with community members and the Arts Advisory Group, aligning with the objectives outlined in the Arts and Cultural Plan.


Past successful projects have included professional development workshops focusing on various artistic genres such as metal art, painting, and photography.


The Council-led projects provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in a real-world artistic endeavour, fostering their skills, creativity, and teamwork ahead of next year’s Festival of Outback Skies.


By collaborating with established artists and peers from diverse backgrounds, participants will gain valuable insights into different creative techniques, cultural perspectives, and problem-solving strategies, enriching their learning journey.


“This project not only benefits its participants but also enhances the experience of festival attendees, promoting appreciation for artistic expression and diversity,” said Cr McNamara.


Minister for the Arts Leeanne Enoch said the Queensland Government’s successful, long-term partnership with local governments through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) supports the delivery of hundreds of arts experiences, employment opportunities and capacity building for arts and cultural workers across the state.


“As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen local communities and drive economic outcomes through arts and culture, the Queensland Government has provided $2.184 million for RADF 2023-24 to 59 local councils who have contributed a co-investment of $1.979 million,” Minister Enoch said.


“The Queensland Government’s Creative Together 2020-2030 roadmap prioritises activation of Queensland’s places and spaces and arts engagement that drives positive change for Queensland communities.


“Projects funded through RADF support communities to share stories and creativity, provide important pathways for learning and connection, and boost local creative economies and tourism.”

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