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Bamaga local graduates from traineeship program

A Bamaga born and raised local is the latest proud graduate from Sea Swift’s highly-successful traineeship program.

Petrie Tugai, 20, has now achieved his Certificate III in Warehouse Operations afterentering Sea Swift’s traineeship program in 2019.

The program aims to develop trainees into long-term employees at Sea Swift across its vast operation in Northern Australia, including shipping services in Far North Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

As part of his qualification Petrie was assisted by TAFE trainer Steve Williams, and after two years of practical and theory study, along with years of dedication and hard work, the Seisia depot worker has now received a certificate of completion.

“I would like to encourage young people my age to push themselves and just give it a go, play smart, and do it for the experience,” said Petrie.

“I notice young people walking around not doing anything and, when they are older, some regretting not going to school.

“Life is not easy but if you think you can’t, I encourage you to try. I would also like to use my experience to be a mentor to anyone that needs it.”

Petrie explained that his brother Tyler Wasiu and sister Saji Nona, who both encouraged him to apply for the traineeship, were a driving force behind his success.

“Today, my mum Veronica Baira is also so proud of me!”, said Petrie.

Sea Swift Chief Executive Officer Dr Rochelle Macdonald said Petrie’s success is fully deserved.

“We’re all very proud of Petrie’s achievements as a trainee at Sea Swift,” she said.

“We believe in the importance of investing in our future generations, and our traineeship program is our way of giving local people a head start with on-the-job experience and formal training.

“We are committed to creating jobs and opportunities for local residents, and we want to continue that over the coming years.

“Petrie is a shining example of what can be achieved when you join Sea Swift as a trainee.

“It has always made perfect sense to Sea Swift to appoint locally where we can, and one of our aims is to provide long-term job opportunities to local Indigenous people such as Petrie.”

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