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Flinders Shire officially becomes a Small Business Friendly Council

Updated: Apr 7

Small businesses in the Flinders Shire are set to benefit from a new Small Business Friendly Council (SBFC) commitment made by Flinders Shire Council.

The Small Business Friendly Councils Program is a Queensland State Government initiative, aimed to enhance the operating environment for small business through partnership with Local Governments.

Assistant Minister for Local Government Nikki Boyd was on hand in Hughenden to welcome Flinders Shire to the growing list of councils that have signed up to the charter.

By signing the Small Business Friendly Council Charter, Flinders Shire Council commits to working with local small businesses and help to reduce red tape.

Mayor Jane McNamara said the Council recognised the importance of supporting small businesses and a strong business sector, to enhance the region’s plans for growth and development.

In 2020-21, Council spent $13.3 million procuring goods and services from local businesses, while this year to date it has spent almost $10 million locally.

In addition to direct local procurement, some of the current Council initiatives which support its local businesses include:

  • Brodie Street shopfront upgrades, and Gray Street rebuild and seal

  • Grants and subsidies – shopfront improvement grants, driveway subsidies and currently drafting a future Business Incentives Scheme Policy

  • Marketing and promotion – business billboards on approaches to town, promotion on social media, and the Visit Hughenden website

  • Workforce attraction – enhancing liveability of the Shire through public spaces (for example, Hughenden Recreational Lake), events, and lifestyle through sporting facilities and parks

  • Future focused planning – through economic diversification in the Shire and planned water strategy, which will enable horticulture, agriculture, transport, tourism, and manufacturing opportunities.

“By bringing in new industry, we attract workers and their families, and this then leads to filling job vacancies around the Shire,” added Cr McNamara.

“We’re also implementing a strategy to support investment in housing, to include both long- and short-term residential housing and accommodation options.

“Our small business community has endured many hardships over the past decade of drought, floods, workforce decline, and COVID-19. Council wants to show that we are committed to strengthening and growing small business in our region.

“Council has an ambitious and achievable goal of creating ‘1,000 jobs in 1,000 days’, and our small business sector is an essential step in providing employment, goods and services to the growing community as we develop and diversify the local economy.

“Flinders Shire Council is proud to officially become a Small Business Friendly Council, and looks forward to working with our local businesses for the growth and prosperity of our Shire.”

Find out more about the Small Business Friendly Councils (SBFC) initiative at or by phoning 1300 312 344.

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