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Major Flinders development projects showcased to Assistant Federal Minister during visit

Assistant Federal Minister for Road Safety and Freight Scott Buchholz MP has made a successful visit to Flinders Shire to check in on the various major completed projects which are transforming the region.

Mr Buchholz met with Flinders Shire Council Mayor Jane McNamara and other councillors, as well as Chief Executive Officer Hari Boppudi, who were able to showcase the latest completed federally-funded projects to the Assistant Minister, along with Council-led developments in the Shire.

These projects included:

  • The Torrens Creek-Aramac Road freight route, with the road expected to be fully sealed by mid-2022

  • Hughenden Lake, a 22ha recreational lake which is the culmination of long-term council planning, made possible by the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) and Council contribution

  • Alderley Crossing Bridge, which was completed late last year.

Mr Buchholz also visited the Flinders Magic Grape Farm, the first stage of the 15 Mile irrigated agricultural precinct, fully funded by Flinders Shire Council.

Mayor McNamara said that the Council was delighted to host Mr Buchholz and update him on major achievements which are having a positive effect on Flinders residents and the local economy.

“It was great to have Scott visit our region once again and to have the opportunity to show him some of the major milestones we’ve been reaching for the local and wider community,” said Mayor McNamara.

“I’d really like to praise both the Federal and State Governments for their vision and initiative in funding some of these key projects, especially the freight corridor and connecting road infrastructure.

“I’d also like to thank Council staff for their important role in moving our region forward.

“Teamwork makes the dream work as I like to say, and some of these collaborative projects being completed really are a dream come true for us.”

Mr Buchholz said the Australian Government is making significant investments in Flinders Shire, partnering with Council to grow the region, unlock agricultural opportunity and create jobs.

“We want regional communities like Flinders Shire to thrive,” he said.

“Ensuring they have the infrastructure, such as roads, to move people, product and services is important.”

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