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Ride On Australia fights back at delivery service greed

Ride On Australia unites rideshare and food delivery workers to offer commission-free services to local business and households.

A national uprising against the unethical and aggressive behaviour of billion-dollar rideshare and food delivery service giants has taken place in the wake of COVID-19.

Led by longtime friends and former part-time Uber drivers Joe Corrigan and Yossi Lavy, Ride On Australia has attracted a legion of frustrated and passionate 'gig economy' workers from across Australia.

While Australians are urged to stay at home, Ride On Australia provides a flexible, low-cost solution for merchants to support their customers and local communities with home deliveries.

Pictured: Illawarra resident, Shirley, receiving her home delivery order.

The platform is initially focusing on delivering essential items such as prepared food, groceries, non-prescription medication, beverages and pet products.

“As social distancing rules impacted the hospitality industry, we witnessed the true nature of these large offshore tech companies,” said Mr Corrigan. 

“They’re squeezing local small business owners and merchants for everything they can, much like they have been doing to rideshare drivers for years.”

Community focused and driven by a mission for a fair go, Ride On Australia has responded to the pleas of small business owners struggling to keep their doors open, often paying up to 35% commissions to industry giants.

Through the concept of community-led commerce, the platform is built around a growing network of member drivers who connect using mobile and web-based applications.

Customers are encouraged to order directly with local businesses or through the Ride On Australia website to save on excessive commission charges and to keep our passionate chefs and hospitality workers thriving.

For more information, and to begin booking on-demand home delivery services in your region, visit

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