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Sea Swift helps Torres Strait students raise $25k in recycling initiative

Local marine transport company Sea Swift has teamed up with Tagai State College for a highly-successful recycling initiative which has raised more than $25,000 for the Torres Strait Islands school in the first half of 2020.

Containers for Change is a state-wide container refund scheme, giving Queenslanders an incentive to collect and return containers for recycling, in exchange for a 10 cent refund payment.

Since starting their partnership in March 2019, Sea Swift has contributed more than $103,000 in freight for the movement of the bulka recycling bags between the Torres Strait and Cairns.

All 17 Tagai State Schools in the outer Torres Strait Islands, Thursday Island and on Horn Island are taking part in the scheme, as well as the local PCYC on Horn Island.

General Manager Queensland Operations Peter Domenighini said Sea Swift had purchased 150 bulka bags to keep up with the recycling demand.

“We supply the bags and metal frames, and the schools collect the containers and place them in the bags,” said Mr Domenighini.

“When full, we collect and return them to Horn Island where they are prepared for their return to Cairns.

“On arrival in Cairns, North Queensland Recycling Agents (NQRA) collect the bags, count the number of containers, and then deposit the refund payment into the Tagai State School’s account.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have teamed up with Tagai State College on such a great community initiative, and the students should be really proud of their efforts.

“The scheme is not only an important fundraising initiative for the school, but is also helping to reduce litter in the environment.

“The students are making a real difference to plastic pollution ending up in our environment and waterways, which is fantastic.”

Queenslanders use close to 3 billion beverage containers every year, with these containers the second most littered item in the state.

Sea Swift also sponsors several other recycling initiatives in the Northern Territory and Queensland as part of its overall community support and engagement program.

For more information on Containers for Change, visit

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