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New campaign launched to attract visitors, residents, and investors to Hughenden

Flinders Shire Council has launched a major new tourism campaign – Hughenden: Outback Town, Endless Horizons – which focuses on highlighting the Shire’s rich history and diverse outback attractions.

The new creative was officially unveiled at a special event at Diggers Entertainment Centre on Friday night (22 October), attended by Mayor Jane McNamara, local business leaders, and the Hughenden community.

Mayor McNamara said the campaign focuses on the myriad of opportunities within Hughenden, which sits at the junction of the Kennedy Development Road and Flinders Highway, and where Townsville’s coast meets the rugged outback.

“With interstate travel set to resume again, and the increase in people looking for a tree change, this is a campaign we know will resonate strongly across all our key markets,” she said.

“It focuses on our brand pillars of lifestyle and migration, investment, and tourism.

“We’re a small town but with a huge heart and big plans, and we know visitors are drawn to the north-west pocket of Queensland to discover Hughenden’s hidden treasures and endless possibilities for themselves.

“There’s so much to do here, whether people are looking for a new place to call home, lay down business roots, or stay the night on their next outback adventure.”

Aside from the region’s natural attractions, such as the famous Porcupine Gorge (also known as ‘Little Grand Canyon’), the $12-million Hughenden Recreational Lake takes centre stage as a place for visitors and locals to unwind and explore.

The wave of new developments in the works include a $200 million wind farm project, the Kennedy Energy Park, and the Hughenden Horticulture Expansion Project, including the development of Riverside, and the implementation of the Flinders Shire Water Strategy.

“Our story might have been 100 million years in the making, but we’re also future-focused with eyes planted firmly on the horizon,” said Mayor McNamara.

“It’s why we see Hughenden as an outback town, with endless horizons.”

The town of Hughenden might be the main business district of the Flinders Shire but across the whole region, natural attractions including Porcupine Gorge National Park, White Mountains National Park and Mount Walker are ready to be discovered along with the region’s prehistoric history.

Meanwhile, in between its 41,632km² are the surrounding towns of Prairie, Stamford and Torrens Creek.

More details are available on the Visit Hughenden Facebook page, with a new website also being launched in November ahead of the 2022 tourist season.

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